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Farm Update- Week of August 5

Posted 8/6/2019 8:53am by Jeff Schrimmer.

Hello everyone,

So we begin, as usual, with the weather report. We had two light rains over the weekend totaling about a half an inch. This was greatly appreciated as we are in the process of transplanting the fall brassica crops as well as direct seeding other crops for harvest during the second half of the season. Generally we have been receiving plenty of sunshine and warm yet not scorching temperatures. All in all I would say the weather has been copacetic and is predicted to remain so for the next couple of weeks. We did have a large planting of fall carrots and a planting of dill and cilantro fail to germinate after the heavy rain 2 weeks back. I am in the process of replanting but had to order more seed, since I used up all of my favorite varieties.

As promised we will begin to distribute melons this week. We expect to have enough for all members but if we come up short, you will be sure to receive them next round. We are also starting to harvest potatoes now- there will be a couple of pounds in the shares most weeks until the end of the season. The first planting of sweet corn is almost mature so we will be sending some your way next week. We are still short on lettuce as we wait for the next planting to size up. Greens in general tend to be scarce in August and this year is no exception. I have been planting more arugula and will soon be seeding some spinach, so that by Mid-September we will be back in business on that front.

As a reminder: we will reuse the green pulp basket we shipped the small tomatoes in as well as the plastic pints in which we pack the cherry tomatoes and ground cherries, so please remember to bring them to the pickup site. Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!

The full share for this week will be: Beans, leeks, potatoes, peppers, kale, eggplant, red cabbage, rainbow carrots, tomatoes, melons, cucumbers, kale, summer squash, choice of an herb, choice of cherry tomatoes or ground cherries. There will be hot peppers and tomatillos as extras.

Farmer John.

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